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  Our Organic Breads

Mediterranean Power

This flavorful bread is German Bread Haus' newest organic creation! It delivers a wonderful Mediterranean taste with great nutritional value. (Delicious!)

1 lb 12 oz. Loaf


Seven Grain Power

This hearty delicious  combination of seven grains and four seeds leaves your taste buds tingling with a sensational joy.  Perfect any time
of the day, alone or with sweet,
sour or salty foods. Organic!
1 lb 9 oz. Loaf


Golden Wheat Power

Pure and simple, no muss, no fuss. This organic bread is baked with our typical style for those who are intolerant of seeds and nuts.  It's perfect for toasting and sandwiches. Low carbohydrates and rich in natural protein. 
1 lb 8 oz. Loaf

Four Seed, Fruit & Nut Power

You might think of this organic bread as a treat and eat it like a power bar. Carry it with you! Like all our power breads, this is a particular energy booster.  Its high fiber content makes it appealing to those on weight control programs.
1 lb 8 oz. Loaf


Survival Power

True to its name, this power favorite is the Mercedes of breads, rich with grains and loaded with nutrition. Including the outside layer of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, you'll find this unique bread is in a category of its own.  A must for any whole grain consumer. And that means you!  Organic!
1 lb 9 oz. Loaf


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